Your wedding will be like a piece of art, I will be holding the brush and you will be my muses


There are many special and emotional events during our life…but there is one that tops them all : the wedding day. A celebration of love, the start of a new family, the joy of a happily ever after.

Each wedding is one of a kind and each groom and bride are one of a kind along with their ideas, personality and needs.

What I have always loved about weddings is the emotional path behind it and the unique memories of the couple.

Each wedding is rich of emotions, both for the couple and for the planner.

What I am constantly doing in my job is to turn emotions, feelings, dreams and wishes into a unique experience for my clients.

The wedding day has to speak for the couple and to represent in each moment their vision and their personality. It has to speak about their love story and about their feelings.

That is the reason why I never work with ready-made concepts but I always work on personalized concepts to perfectly fit my clients personality and desires.

Your wedding will be like a piece of art, I will be holding the brush and you will be my muses.



"Enjoy your wedding!"

That is my motto!

The role of every professional is to offer his competences to its clients in order to provide them with the best assistance possible and to help them reaching their goals in the best possible way.

A professional Wedding Planner can support you with precious suggestions and effectiveness concerning the organization of your special day and will be a key element in saving time.

Choosing the right wedding planner will allow you to dedicate yourself to the fun part of the process and will release you from the time consuming and more stressful part. I will work around your schedule and spare you from losing precious time so that you can arrive as relaxed as possible to your special day.

Let’s start our journey together!

Enjoy your wedding!

Planning a wedding can be a real challenge!


Planning a wedding can be a real challenge!

There are many different aspects on which I will be able to support you, this is what I offer, just to name a few:

  • 360° advice
  • Meetings and/or Skype calls
  • Choice of the wedding theme
  • Design and setting of the event (upon request)
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Suppliers coordination
  • Documents and Bureaucracy
  • Supervisory control during the wedding day



TOSCANA …..Mon Amour…..

Tuscany is a natural stage, the perfect setting for your special day.

With its landscapes and unique locations it will be the right frame for your wedding day.

Villas, historical buildings, castles, exclusive villages, farmhouses surrounded by the countryside, lofts… you have endless options and I will help you finding the right place for you.

If you will be willing to live the real “Tuscan Dream”, everything will have to be typically Made in Tuscany.

I work with excellent food and wine suppliers that will offer you the best options.

ITALY …..Amazing….

Florence and Tuscany are a staple… but upon request we can offer you many other options around Italy such as Sicily and the Agrigento Temples, the Amalfi Coast or the majestic Dolomites Alps.

You will have plenty of options and I will be happy to help you in finding out where to celebrate the happiest day of your life.


Locations for your wedding

Before & After the ceremony the wedding experience


This is what I call “wedding experience”.

All the side events and services that come along with a wedding. You can choose to be more intimate or to share them with friends and family, either way they will be an important part of your special day.

You could spend an entire week or a long week-end in a villa with your loved ones, host a Welcome Party for your guests, a pizza night or a pull side “Day After” Brunch.

You could treat your guests with a special wine experience.

Getting to know you I will be able to suggest you different options that will complement your personality.

What about sharing a cooking class with your family?v

The days before and after the wedding are just as important as the day of the wedding itself.

The wedding day will be emotional and intense that’s why you should try to create moments to enjoy the days before and after.

I will listen to your ideas, together we can create something unique.