Let us know what you wish for and we will make it happen.


Your event could be the next big thing! The success of your event is strictly related to the organization but also to the preparation.

According to what is the theme, the style and the message that you want to deliver, I will take care with my team of arranging exactly what you need.

We can arrange mini-sets and we can take care of special lights and sounds.

Let us know what you wish for and we will make it happen.


There is nothing better than attending an event and being immersed in the history and traditions of that place.

I can plan a thematic day or weekend for you and your guests and you will be able to enjoy the area and your passions.

I can arrange anything you desire… from cooking classes and tastings to a day on a catamaran with a private chef on board. You will get to discover the great beauty and the flavours of Italy and its shores.

Wine is a great passion of mine, I arrange special wine tastings for wine lovers who are interested in discovering the Tuscan and Chianti Classico Wineries out from the touristic routes being accompanied by a professional Sommelier.

Contact me if you want to have further information.

Wine tastings for wine lovers

Great products and unique flavours by excellent chefs


You will get to discover great products and unique flavours, your event will stand out.

In this day and age, we tend to select far more carefully what we eat and what we offer to our guests, we want to make them happy and we want excellent quality too.

This is precisely why I selected higly qualified and excellent chefs and suppliers that will work to make your event nothing less than perfect.

I will help you selecting who will suit best your needs and your taste.

You will meet the chef in person in order to discuss about your preferences and needs and will prepare a personalized menu according to your wishes.


Your event is your project.

You can decide to grave it on film or pictures.

You can keep this for yourself or offer it as a present to your family, friends, clients, etc.

You can keep a record of the event you hosted as a couple or as a corporate need.

For the weddings you can start with pictures and videos from before the event… such as choosing the location or the dress fitting. You can follow with the wedding related events (bachelor/bachelorette party, reharsal dinner, etc.) and last but not least with a detailed video and pictures service of the Big Day: your wedding.

For corporate events we will decide together what works best with the corporate image and identity and with the communication strategy.

Do not hesitate to ask for further information.

We love to help you tell your story and to be able to remember it and comunicate it. It’s worth it!

Enjoy your own storytelling!

Enjoy your own storytelling!

Upon request, I can offer you my professional experience and guide you in the making of your event



Upon request I can offer you my professional experience and guide you in the making of your event.

I can take care of single parts of your event such as the location research or finding the right photographer or taking care of the entertainment (live music, dj, etc.)

I can take care of the setting and mise en place.

Some clients will also ask me to help them better understandig how to structure the event and will ask me to think about possible themes.

I will be happy to contribute - even for a smaller part – to the success of your event.



If you are a company and you are willing to host events, contact me and I will be happy to help you turning your ideas into reality.

If you are a Chef, a restaurant, if you have a beautiful space and you want to use it for hosting events, I will work on your requests to find possible opportunities.

Contact me to set an appointment and I will work on a developement plan tailored on your case.