The passion for my job comes from my studies of Interior Design and an experience of over ten years in the event planning business.

I challenge myself every day and I am always eager to learn new things. I always offer new and different alternatives to my clients while I carefully listen to all of their wishes and desires.

My goal is to make my clients wishes come true and to offer them the perfect event and unforgettable moments to remember.

by EleoNora Ciliberti

About Me An experience of over ten years in the event planning business

PhilosophyApply planning techniques to the creation of an event.


Planning an event is a wonderful challenge and it must be done using the right skills and methods.

Being an Event Designer means to use planning techniques and apply them to the creation of an event.

We set a goal, we start from an idea or from a sketch, and we get to the creation of the perfect event always keeping in mind what your vision is and never forgetting about your budget.



When I first meet a client, the first step is to take some time to understand what are his needs and what kind of event he wants to plan.

It is extremely important to get to know each other, or to get to know the corporate identity, to perfectly taylor the event.

The second step is to define goals and budget to start working on your very own event.

That is the reason why each time, I select the more appropriate assistants and suppliers that will match your needs.

On top of it all, I always remember that you are the main characters of your event and that you will make it unique.

PersonalizationYou are the main characters of your event and that you will make it unique.

Team & Design My only goal is for you to be happy of the result!


Nora Event Designer is mainly me and my passion… but that’s not all.

I strongly believe in sharing and collaborating, that is why I built a customized team each time I work for my clients.

Each client gets a personalized team working on his very own event.


To be really perfect, an event must pay attention to every detail. Each event will be planned individually, each project will be unique. Just like you are.

We will be starting from your vision and your dreams (of the couple or of the company) and we will get to the concept of the event, finding the theme that will define the day.

If you want to know more, contact me!

My only goal is for you to be happy of the result!


Tuscany is world wide known for its natural and cultural beauties and Tuscany is my main location.

When I plan an event in Tuscany, my goal is to recreate for my clients the perfect “Tuscan Dream”

Magical settings, wine, traditional cusine… everything will be “Made in Tuscany”.

I collaborate with selected suppliers from the area that will give to your event an unforgettable Tuscan touch.


One of the main aspects of planning an event is to find the right location.

I will make sure to find each time the perfect venue to host your event.

It could be a vineyard, it could be an old village, it could be a villa…where you could spend an entire week-end celebrating your special occasion with your friends and family.

What about a castle, to celebrate your “Happily ever after”?

You could say “Yes, I do” on the snow or near the sea…or even on a boat!

Countless are the possibilities, just start dreaming… and let me do the rest.

Tuscan Dream & Location
Magical settings, wine, traditional cusine…